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Get easy ways to source social media content! Never run out again!

What's up Rockstars!

Are you struggling with coming up with content for your social media platforms or email newsletter?

Don’t worry! I had inspiration on a hot beach in Spain… here’s your hot tip! so you never run out of ideas again!

Here's what you'll do. Go to Google and type in the name of your business or a product or service that you sell. And when you do that, scroll down to where it says “People Also Ask.”

In that section, you'll see questions that people also ask when they're talking about whatever your product or service is. I typed in Travel Agent for Europe and you'll see one of the questions asked: “is there a cost involved?” So that right there can be a great post for you to talk about why people want to use a travel agent, aka you, and why it doesn't cost them anything. And another example, artist.

Type in resin coasters. One of the questions will ask whether or not resin is good for coasters. Now you can craft a post talking about why resin coasters are good for customers. These are just a couple examples of how you can use a simple Google search to find quality content ideas for your socials and your newsletters.

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